Grange Park Competition

Grange Park Competition


Thanks to so many girls taking part in our Grange Park girls football day during the FA girls football week, we have been awarded some prizes from the English Schools FA. To win the package pictured above we would like you to answer this question ‘What do you believe makes someone a good team player?’

To enter, simply click ‘Continue reading’ at the bottom of this blog post and this will then open the comment box. You just need to then fill in your name and write your answer in the comment box. You don’t have to fill in the section asking for an email address and website address. Your comment won’t appear on the site until it has been authorised by a member of staff so please don’t worry if its not on the site immediately.

Mr Thorpe will be judging the answers on Monday 23/11/15 and the winner will be announced in assembly. There will also be some runner up prizes.

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  1. Someone who can keep the team motivated , even if there behind getting the to realise they tried there best. Someone who engages and interacts with all players an making everyone feel included 🙂

  2. Always reliable. A great team player is constantly reliable day in and day out, not just some of the time. You can count on them to get the job done,
    Communicates with confidence. Good team players might silently get the work done but shy away from speaking up and speaking often.stepping outside their comfort zones, and coming up with creative skills. with the commitment of giving it 110% and expect others on the team to do the same.

  3. To be a good team player you need to be able to get along with all the team so no one is fighting and making it hard to work together . You must be able to be confident reliable and nice to others and ready to do your best for the team at all times. You need to remember its not about winning its about having fun with friends and being fair .

  4. A good team player is someone that can work well with people and never gives up. It’s someone that can communicate well but can still listen to peoples opinions. They help people and know that its not about the winning its about the taking part and there not selfish.

  5. Thank you for all the entries. They’re all fantastic examples of what makes a good team player. I will be passing on the results of the competition to Mr. James who will be announcing the winner very soon! Well done all.

  6. A good team player is someone who can help the team to move forward as a whole. It is someone with good communication skills and an ability to motivate others if things aren’t going too well.

    Mr Smith

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