Girls Football

Girls Football


Today we took 26 girls to Telford Park School to take part in the Telford Park cluster football competition. Unfortunately no other schools could take part, so rather then cancelling the competition we offered to take 4 teams.  The girls had a fantastic time and all the staff were impressed with the girls skill, determination and competiveness. No one would of believed it was Grange Park v Grange Park matches though because all the girls were so desperate to play well and win.  The games were all closely fought but in the end it came down to Grange Park Red Team v Grange Park Blue Team in the final. The match was end to end with both teams looking like scoring early on but the Blue Team got the first goal and despite the match being closer than the score line suggests, the Blue team won the match 3-0 with F.Creen getting a fantastic hat trick.

Well done to all 26 girls, you made the school proud once again. Keep it up 🙂



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