Year 5/6 County Cup Disappointment

Year 5/6 County Cup Disappointment

5.6 County Cup

Unfortunately the Year 5/6 football team failed to qualify to the County Cup finals tonight finishing 3rd in their group. As team manager, I (Mr James) will have to take responsibility for the first loss against St Georges Shrewsbury as we arrived at 16:00 thinking our first match kicked off at 16:15 but unfortunately our game had to kick off at 16:00. This meant the boys didn’t have time to warm up properly and this appeared to really affect their performance. There was no excuse for the second game though, where we were beaten by the better team on the night. It was a disappointing result because we have played so well against them in the past.

This meant we had no chance of qualifying to the County finals but that didn’t stop the boys digging deep and putting in a fantastic team performance in the last game against Belvidere. Grange Park won this match 2-0. Belvidere were actually unbeaten until they played us, so it just shows how high the standard was in our group tonight.

Grange Park were one of the favourites going into this competition tonight after reaching the 6-a-side finals and ESFA finals but it just wasn’t to be. Lots learnt from tonight’s matches though, ready for the big games coming up in Telford soon. Training sessions next week boys 🙂

p.s We might of been knocked out tonight but we certainly had the best kit and training jackets