How’s That?

How’s That?

KS1 Cricket Edited

Well done to our KS1 children that this morning attended the T&W Sports Partnership and Shropshire Cricket Board Kwik Cricket competition. This was the first time our children had ever competed in a competitive cricket tournament but you wouldn’t of guessed as every single one of them were outstanding. Our batting and running from the start was stunning but after the first game we talked about what tactics we could use when fielding to improve our scores. After the quick discussion our fielding improved 100% in the next 5 games and was now as strong if not stronger than our batting. The team played 6 games overall today and every match they improved.

We waited anxiously for the results and we are over the moon to announce we won. This is an amazing achievement considering this was the first ever time we had entered the KS1 competition. Well done #TeamGP

KS1 Cricket 2

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