What a night, what a performance, what a team

What a night, what a performance, what a team

Well done to our Year 5/6 football team that tonight won the Telford & Wrekin School cup final at the Buck Head Stadium. Many people had Grange Park down as the underdogs for this game as Apley have been so strong all season and won the cup in year 3/4 with this team but we knew if our boys played to the best of their ability we had a chance of an upset.

We came out of the blocks flying and controlled possession in the first half and could have taken the lead if it wasn’t for a great save from the Apley keeper. That being said just before half time it looked as though Apley had scored but from somewhere our keeper pulled off the save of the season and tipped the ball over the bar. Myself and the crowd were certain the ball was going in, I’m still not sure how Travis got to it.

The second half was a different story with Apley controlling possession but our defence and goalkeeper looked unbeatable. Towards the end of the second half you could see both teams had given their all and were looking tired. It must have been the most entertaining 0-0 draw in the Telford Cup Final history. This meant the boys had 10 minutes of extra time to play and if it was still a draw after that, it would go to a dreaded penalty shootout.

Extra time remained tight but a bit of magic on the edge of the box and an amazing through ball pass left Liam one on one with the keeper and Liam doesn’t waste opportunities like that. The keeper came rushing out but Liam remained calm to chip the ball up over him. It felt like the ball was in the air in slow motion but it finally dropped in the goal causing mass celebration from the players, coaches and fantastic support. We don’t’ normally name our goal scorers because it’s a team effort but that finish needed mentioning.

Apley knew they had to score to get anything from the game and the last 5 minutes consisted of them attacking attacking attacking but we had faith in our team that they could hold strong and they did. The final whistle went and our boys had made history by being the first Grange Park team to win the Telford & Wrekin cup in its 60-year history.

So proud of these boys, they fully deserved this win for all their hard work over the season.

Well done:

Travis. C
Jake. T
Chalrie. S
Josh. H
Preston. W
Aiden. Mc
Kai. C
Joey. O
Liam. P