Mini Sports Day 2017

Mini Sports Day 2017

12 Mini Sports Days – Complete
120 Medals put on Ribbons – Complete
Sports Assembly Video 2017 – Complete

Well done to all the children in the 12 classes that have this week completed our Intra School Mini Sports Days. The top 3 boys/girls scorers from each class will be announced in our sports assembly on Wednesday 12th July and will receive their medals. I have been blown away with the effort and ability shown at these events and have been extremely proud of all the children taking part. All the scores were extremely close and in many cases the difference between 3rd and 4th place was only 1 point.

I would also like to thank all the KS2 children that came out to help run the stations and help with the scoring. Without their help and without their teachers allowing them out to help with our mini sports days we wouldn’t have been able to hold the events this year.

We hope the children have enjoyed their class Mini Sports Days and again we apologise for not being able to hold a traditional sports day this year.

Could all the children in the two reception classes please make sure they have their PE kits in school next Friday 14th July as they will be having their own little fun sports day.

Mr James