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Grange Park Fantasy Football League is back!

Grange Park Fantasy Football League is back!

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We have set up a Grange Park Primary School football Fantasy League again this year on the website: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/

This league is open to all students and staff at Grange Park and also a few special guests that are associated with the school.

Children might need help registering and selecting their team from adults but please register using the child’s name so we know who the team belongs to.

Once they have registered and selected their team they will need to enter the Grange Park private league. Select join private league and enter the code: 3743988-827599

There will be a trophy at the end of the season for the winner and also prizes for the top 3 students. Each student is only allowed to enter 1 team but obviously brothers and sisters can enter a team each.

The points will start from this weekend’s fixtures so please make sure you enter your team in the league before Saturdays first premier league game.

Hopefully we will have lots enter again this year.

Mr James